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Dermatomyositis is a connective tissue disorder. It has the potential to lead to rhabdomyolysis. One of the things that is related to this condition is polymyositis -- itself a potential rhabdomyolysis cause.


Various symptoms can show up in a person with dermatomyositis. One of the possibilities is a skin rash. A particular type of muscular weakness may also affect the patient, and pain may show up along with it. The pain that people with this condition feel can vary from being minor to severe. Difficulty swallowing may also result in a patient with dermatomyositis.

In some instances, deterioration of the muscle may lead to temporary paralyzation of the patient. Another symptom that might be noted is known as Gottron's sign. This appears on the skin and may seem like psoriasis. In cases of this condition that involve children, calcium deposits can develop in the individual's skin.


There are different potential underlying medical reasons for dermatomyositis, although its particular cause is not known. Infection by certain viruses may end up leading to it -- an example of this is the Epstein-Barr virus. It may also be autoimmune in nature, and in some cases even occurs along with other autoimmune disorders -- for instance, lupus. This, however, is not a complete list of possible medical reasons.


A doctor may use various things to make a determination when looking for a possible case of dermatomyositis. There are other medical conditions that may also need to be ruled out -- or diagnosed if one of them is in fact the issue being faced. Blood tests may be used in confirmation of a diagnosis, as can electromyography and muscle biopsy. A muscle biopsy is the only one of these that can provide findings specifically characteristic of dermatomyositis.


Once diagnosed with this condition, the doctor may inform the patient of a particular treatment method. No cure for dermatomyositis is known, but treatment can be given by way of medication that suppresses the person's immune system. Options are also available for relief of the symptoms. There are various medications which may be useful for this. Additionally, exercise therapy might be prescribed.

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